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We can not do what we do without you! 

The Friends key activities are to raise funds for the patients and staff of Hammersmith Hospital.  We use these funds to purchase equipment and many other items which improve the patient experience and working enviroment of the hospital's staff.  We have been doing this for 72 years. Currently there are 20 volunteers that are actively helping us to achieve this. 

                                                                                                   Each year the Friends choose an Annual Project from requests submitted by staff


Mobile Ultrasound Scanning Equipment for the Hepatobiliary Department


Every year, the Friends raise funds to buy equipment for various departments at Hammersmith Hospital for which no other sources of funding are available. This year the Friends are working to raise £20,000 towards the purchase of Mobile Ultrasound Scanning Equipment for the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department. The item costs £43,000 in total but the remaining £23,000 is being obtained from other sources.

Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery is a specialised type of abdominal surgery which focuses on the surgical management of diseases of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Hammersmith Hospital houses the regional HPB Surgery specialist centre for Imperial College where complex operations are performed on a daily basis. This type of surgery is reliant on ultrasound at all stages of treatment. Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body and most people are familiar with this technology to examine a baby in pregnant women. Ultrasound is safe, noninvasive, and does not use ionizing radiation.

During liver operations the surgeon depends on images from the ultrasound to evaluate tumour burden, guide surgical technique and determine extent of the procedure. Post-operatively they routinely use ultrasound to check for any post-operative complications. The previous ultrasound system in use in the  department was over a decade old and had a number of problems including poor image quality, was cumbersome and could not be easily transported between locations and did not allow for evaluation of ultrasound with a special contrast/dye given through the vein.

 The rationale behind this project was to improve the precision of surgery provided in the operating theatres and, crucially, to enhance the patient experience and speed of investigations post-operatively by bedside evaluation when appropriate.

 The funding provided by the Friends of Hammersmith will go towards acquiring a modern system to ensure a better patient experience. The new system will have the following advantages.  It is mobile and can therefore be used in the operating theatre as well as on the intensive care unit and on the wards, being more convenient for patients.  It can evaluate microbubble contrast (a special dye injected at the same time through the vein), which allows for more precise characterisation of pathology pre-operatively or during surgery, thereby increasing precision of treatment. Finally, it allows for high resolution images of the liver during surgery which can guide anatomical resections and potentially allow for less invasive interventions, which may lead to decreased morbidity and a shorter length of hospital stay for patients.

This project is very important to the Friends and we do hope you will be kind enough to support us in your usual generous way. Any funds raised over and above the £20,000 will be put to general funds. To support this project we hold sales each week in our Good as New Sale room and stock is regularly required. If you have anyunwanted gifts, good as new clothing or items of bric a brac, we would be pleased to receive them. There are many ways to give your support: you may wish to make a financial contribution or donate raffle prizes, goods or your time. All help will be gratefully received.

Mrs.  Harjinder Grewal, Miss Ann Smith and Mrs. Una Jefferies. Co-Annual Project Organisers .


Our main sources of income are

Our busy Gift Shop, situated on the South Corridor, near to the main entrance.  The gift shop carries a range of goods, including baby clothes, hand-knits for children and new borns, cards, Friends merchandise, Toys, books & stationary . Opening Hours:   Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm

Our Flower shop  is currently closed in the Main Entrance stocks flowers and potted plants.  Bouquets and hand ties can be made to order.  Orders are welcome by telephone (020-8743-3496) or e-mail una.jeffries@nhs.net or imperial.friends@nhs.net with subject of Flower Order). Opening Hours:  Mon - Fri  10am - 4pm

Our Sale roomPlanning to re-open July 2022 also situated on the South Corridor, near the Main Entrance, sells second hand donated goods, including quality clothing and toys. Opening Hours:  Wednesday - Friday 10am - 3pm

Donations for our sale room are always welcome, including good quality clothing, small household items, books, DVDs, puzzles and toys.  Donations may be left in our Gift Shop and Flower Shop during opening hours, or by prior arrangement, at the Main Hospital Reception.

These shops are all manned by volunteers and managed by our Administrator.

We also hold two raffles annually, the Derby Draw in May/June, and the Grand Raffle in November.  These are supported by patients, staff and visitors to the Hospital.